Melody Winter

The dream is just the beginning

About Me

Melody Winter grew up in North Yorkshire, England. She's a North Yorkshire lass through and through, although she does have a tendency to holiday in Spain. She has dreams of moving to the warmer climate to sip on Sangria as the sun sets over the roof tops of surrounding buildings. Still living in North Yorkshire with her husband and two young sons, she is currently working through a first round of edits for Adversity, the second book in the Ascent series.


Melody's books

Romantic Fantasy series, the MINE series is published by REUTS Publications.

Sachael Dreams

Sachael Desires

Sachael Discovery

Sachael Destiny - to be released 2021

Dark Romantic fantasy series, the ASCENT series.


Adversity - to be released 2020

Contemporary Romance - the LOVE IS series

Love is Everything

Love is Intense - Elliot's story - to be released 2020

Standalone books

Contemporary romance: Starshine

Contemporary romance: Promise - a Christmas novella