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December 2014

After the craziness of November, December always proves to be a bit less manic, although Christmas always tests my organising skills to the limit!

During November I managed to enter three of the four weekly challenges set by ProjectREUTSway, and my story was selected for a Top Pick of the week in week two. This years challenges were more specific than last year, but I still enjoyed reading up on world mythology and having to think around the weekly guidelines. I'll let you know if I manage to get through to the short list with any of my stories--the list is due out the end of January 2015.

Yesterday saw the latest draft of Sachael Desires finished. It is now in the more than capable hands of my CP's. I'm curious to see how this second book in the series will be received.

Progress with Sachael Dreams has suddenly taken off this week. I was treated to a sneak peek of my cover and it is absolutely gorgeous. Ashley has done an amazing job. It captures Estelle and the mood of the book perfectly and I can't wait to share it with you next month!

I'm currently pulled back into Sachael Dreams until release day. The blurb for the back of the book is underway, line edits with Kisa are pending, and I'm busy searching through stock images for the seven limited edition postcards I'll be issuing with the signed books through this website.

So, until the New Year, Have a very Happy Christmas, a wonderful New Year, and I'll see you soon.

Love Melody xxxx

November 2014 Update

I forgot just how crazy November was last year, and this year is proving just as manic.

My current round of edits on Sachael Desires (Book #2) are nearly complete. After one more edit it will be sent to my CP's. I'm also about to start line edits with my editor on Sachael Dreams making it another massive step nearer to completion and ready to face the world.

I'll be holding a release day party on Facebook, with several 'Sachael Dreams' themed prizes. There will be questions and general jollities for a couple of hours, so when I have this day confirmed I'll keep reminding you of it and we can all party together. I'm also planning some limited Sachael Dreams gift packs containing a selection of SD goodies which you'll only be able to get from my website. It's all quite exciting! 

I'm participating in ProjectREUTSway 2014 which means writing a short story (2,000-5,000) within set criteria which is released every Sunday and has to be submitted by Thursday. This years overall theme is Mythology. The first week was Egyptian, and I've just completed the second weeks story--Celtic mythology. I really struggled with this weeks, and ended up rewriting my story 3 times! Crazy!!! I'm hoping this Sunday's challenge around Asian Mythology will be an easy one for me.

If any of you would like to see the results of last years ProjectREUTSway challenge and the book which REUTS Publications released, including a never before seen story of mine, SHIFTING SEAS.

Here are the links for the anthology, FAIRLY TWISTED TALES FOR A HORRIBLY EVER AFTER:

- HARDBACK/Kindle/nook

-, Kindle

-, Kindle

Take care and I'll see you soon

Melody xx

New Story

Another of my stories, selected as a runner-up in the ProjectREUTSway 2013, was previewed on the REUTS Publications website. So here is the updated version, free for you to read on my website:

I'm ready for the start of ProjectREUTSway 2014 which starts this Sunday. Four weeks of stories featuring mythology drawn from Asia, Eastern Europe, Egypt, and Celtic beginnings. This November will be as crazy as last year, if not more so. I'll keep you updated on the weekly challenges.

Also, the anthology, FAIRLY TWISTED TALES FOR A HORRIBLY EVER AFTER, featuring 'SHIFTING SEAS', a story of mine never published before, and not available anywhere else, will be available this Friday 31st October. I'll post the link when it's live.

Until later, take care

Melody xxx


October 2014 Update

I'm back!!

I had a marvellous time in Ravenscar. The weather was mixed, with a few beautiful days and one horrendous day, and when I say horrendous I mean it. It rained constantly, and I have never seen horizontal rain before. I have now!

I'll write a full update over the next few weeks and share some more photographs with you. But until then, enjoy the rugged beauty of the tide going out as we look up at Ravenscar. The house you can see at the very top is Raven Hall Hotel (Peak Hall in the Mine Series.) and they do a lovely afternoon cream tea.

See you soon,



I received some amazing news a few weeks ago, and have had to keep quiet until the official announcement was made. Now it has been made I can shout this out as loud as I want!

 THE MINE SERIES has been acquired by REUTS Publications.

Yes! All four books will be published through REUTS. I am so excited about this. It's been a dream to have a 'home' for Estelle and Azariah, and all the other crazy bunch of characters in this series. And now they have one. With the first book, Sachael Dreams, due to be released in Winter 2015 (Hoping for February 2015) the others will follow over the next three years. As I reminder of the titles of the books here they are:

Book 1: Sachael Dreams

Book 2: Sachael Desires

Book 3: Sachael Delusions

Book 4: Sachael Destiny

I'm also working on another manuscript, Rising Star, which is Azariah's POV for Sachael Dreams. Whether this see's the light of day will depend on the demand from readers. If it is published I'm not sure whether it will be released through a publisher, or as a series of chapters, here on my website. We shall see.

I have plans to release a further book at the end of the series, Sachael Dreams-The Others. This will give back stories on your favourite characters. All written in first person we shall find out about Kaimi, Orontes, Lilith, and Termessus. I may include others. Again, we shall see. A lot will depend on how successful the series is, and which characters you, as readers, would like to know more about.

I hope to include bonus material, free on my website, as we head deeper into the story. It may only be available to members of this website though. I can be cruel like that!

Near the release day of Sachael Dreams I will be introducing a forum for members to ask me questions, and to generally discuss the book and the characters.

And finally, I will be selling signed copies of my books through this website when they are released.

Chat to you all when I'm back from Ravenscar!

Love Melody

September 2014 Update




  Ben Montague 


As the end of another month draws near, I'm incredibly excited about many things about to happen. Firstly, my yearly stay in Ravenscar. Yes--it's that time of the year when I pack my necessities (laptop/phone/wine) and leave family behind, to head to my favourite place. This year I'm intending to have photographs taken of the places that feature in Sachael Dreams. Unfortunately, I may position myself in front of the camera and not behind it. I thought it would be nice for readers to see places as part of my world, not just an image that anyone could take. I don't think the tide is working in our favour this year, but if the weather is good I may venture down to the foot of Ravenscar again and try to catch the mystique of the Mermaid's Tables. They are stunning!


Secondly--Exciting news! My friend and very talented singer/song writer has agreed to write a song for Sachael Dreams. His name is Ben Montague. He's about to start a UK tour supporting Shane Filan, so you may get a chance to catch him if you live in the UK. So many of the songs he has written already fit Sachael Dreams, but to think that he is going to write something specifically for my story is quite unbelievable. And, Ben, a warning: If you ever sing it live when I'm in the audience, I will cry!

Check his website here:

On the writing side of things. My edits on Sachael Dreams are complete and with my editor, Kisa Whipkey. I've got a months grace before we start line edits, so I'm using that time to edit the second book in the series, Sachael Desires. It never stops!

I hope you are all well, and I'll speak to you when I get back from Ravenscar.

Love Melody xxx

September 2014 Feature - Something to read


This month, I bring you the second of my stories from my entries into the ProjectREUTSway challenge, The Devil's Match. It was the third week entry, and I focused on twisting the fairytale of The Little Match Girl.

I love a hot devil, and this really appealed to me. In fact, it set about the idea for 'The Ascent'. 

The prompt for this week was 'Fairy Tales from Hell'.


Melody xxx

August 2014 Update

Some days I feel like I've reached the calm before the storm. Other days I'm panicking at what lies ahead.

With only 6 months to go before the publication of Sachael Dreams I'm busy finalising some structural edits. I have a deadline for the end of September for my manuscript to be back in the more than capable hands of Kisa Whipkey, my editor. And, this is where my conflicting moods spring forth. I alternate between calmness (this will be okay, she'll love the changes and additions) to panic (She'll hate it--then what?) 

Presuming everything is tickity-boo, then on we go with line edits, with Kisa holding my hands through the following month or so to get Sachael Dreams sparkling like a bright shiny star. One Azariah would undoubtedly know the name of as well as knowing the story behind its existence.

If you are interested in being involved in promoting Sachael Dreams release in February 2015 then please drop me a line in the 'contact me' tab. If you have a Goodreads account, add Sachael Dreams to your 'want to read' book-shelf. Click on the link at the side--it'll take you straight there.

There are exciting things happening behind the scenes at the moment, and I hope to be able to share some further good news with you very soon. Members of my website will get the news first as a thank you for signing up. So if you haven't done so yet, click on that box at the top of the right hand side that says 'subscribe to my site' or click this link:  Members

And so, tonight, I leave you with a picture of Michael. Enjoy.

Take care


Update - July 2014







This last month has been spent editing the dead words from the second book, Sachael Desires. It's a long process as I am a messy first draft person. I'm about half way through the manuscript and after I've completed this stage, I send it to my kindle for a complete read through and tightening. My CP's will get their sweaty little hands on it after that!

There's so much happening in the second book. Friendship, lost family, betrayal, heartache and anger, as well as the introduction to several new characters. Don't worry though. Those of you who can't get enough of Orontes will be treated to the first chapter/prologue in his POV, then we settle with Estelle for the rest of the book.

Hope you are all having a great summer, far too hot here today, but I wont complain.

Here's a picture of Azariah, just to remind yourself of the hotness that he is :)

Until next time


Update - June 2014

The second half of May and the beginning of June have been strange times. After the initial excitement of signing with REUTS publications, things soon got back to the norm. Only this time I had to keep reminding myself I was a signed author, I have a book coming out in the new year. The excitement would bubble, and then simmer quietly.

I have some structural edits to look at with my assigned editor, and while waiting for her to respond to my garbled suggestions I decided to concentrate on finishing the third book in the series--Sachael Delusions. I can let you know that I finished it today. There is no cliff-hanger at the end of this book, like there was in the second, and you will have an idea of what's to come in the fourth and final book in the series. After reading through the initial outline of the fourth book, I have added bits, twisted a few things around and generally had a play with the way things will eventually end--it's looking good!

I can't wait to get the first book--Sachael Dreams--out there for you all to read. It's like I'm handing over personal friends, introducing you to people I love, people I breathed life into. They've led me a merry dance, surprised me with the noise they often made, refusing to let me mould them the way I intended when I first started this journey. But I even love the bad guys, and as I head into writing the last book in the series--Sachael Destiny--I'm already feeling the pangs of a final goodbye to them. I know where they're going, I know how the series will end (whether they take me on a completely different journey to the one I have planned is irrelevant at the moment--they will still end where I want them at the end.) I'll miss them when they're gone. They'll be no secret whispers in my ear when I'm sitting in a meeting at work, no inner voice annoying me while I'm trying to continue a normal conversation with my family.

Until next month, I leave you with a character who is occasionally ignored. But she's important--never forget that. This is Clarissa, Estelle's mum.

love Melody xxx


Update - May 2014

This month - I bring you good news. I can official announce that I have signed with REUTS Publications for Sachael Dreams!  

The last few months have been the most torturous of my life. I knew the acquisitions team were reading SD, and waiting for their answer seemed like the longest time ever. I still can't believe it--it's as if I'm in a trance and everything is going on around me.

I always dreamt this day would come, only surpassed by the moment when I hold my book in my hands.

There has never been a more opportune moment in my life to use the tag line for Sachael Dreams.

The dream is just the beginning...

I'll give everyone a proper update when the news has sunk in, but for now, please join me in a long awaited drink. 'Bottoms up', as we say in Yorkshire.

Let's PARTY!!!!!

Love Melody 



Update - April 2014







I got very excited a few weeks ago. An email dropped into my in-box from Reuts Publications. It was my first ever contract for my writing. A contract between Melody Winter and Reuts Publication for the publication of Shifting Seas. It was a very squeal worthy moment. I am still considering whether to frame it and hang it on the wall, or just print it for prosperity. It made me feel like a 'proper' writer - my first official bit of paper to prove it. 

I'm still waiting for replies to queries, full and part submissions for Sachael Dreams, while I write the third book in the series - Sachael Delusions. I'm well into the book, completing chapter 17 last week. The crux of the whole series is about to be divulged in a few chapters time, and I think it may surprise many. I know I'll need a large box of tissues to get through writing it - killing characters is not something I like doing (unless of course they are baddies.)

This month I leave you with another character from the books. You've had Orontes, and Kaimi. This month - Estelle.

See you later

Melody xxx

Update - March 2014

This month, I bring you the first of my stories from my entries into the ProjectREUTSway challenge, Ugly Beautiful. It was the first week entry, and I focused on twisting the fairytale of The Ugly Duckling.

Please feel free to read it and let me know what you think. It's a LOT darker than Sachael Dreams, and I must warn that some of you may not be comfortable with the gore. Remember the prompt for this week was 'Bloody Ever After'.


Melody xxx

Update - February 2014

The results of the ProjectREUTSway competition were announced today, and I'm pleased and proud to announce that one of my stories was selected for publication in the Reuts Publication Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology.

The story selected for publication was SHIFTING SEAS, a twisted take on the Brothers Grimm story THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE.

Two of my other short stories were included in the runners-up list,  and will be featured on the Reuts blog over the coming weeks.



Keep checking back for information for when my stories feature and follow the Reuts blog for posts of all the other runner-up stories that were selected. I'm sure they'll be wonderful. There are many talented writers out there and it's a privilege to be included among them.


Update - January 2014


May this be the best year yet for all of you!

I have some exciting news for you this month, and wanted to share it with you as soon as I found out.  Those of you who follow my blog, will know that I participated in the ProjectREUTSway short story competition during the month of November.

Writers submitted stories based on weekly themes for a chance to be included in a Grimm/Fairy Tale anthology published by REUTS Publications.  Each Sunday a theme was announced, with an entry deadline of midnight on Thursday. I entered every week. Here are the weekly challenges:

Week 1 – Bloody Ever After

Theme: Vampires, Revenants, Chupacabras, Cannibals and/or Bloodsuckers of some kind.


Week 2 – The Ugly Dead

Theme: Zombies, Mummies, Ghosts, etc.


Week 3 – Fairy Tales from Hell

Theme: Demons, Fallen Angels, Succubae, etc.


Week 4 – Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark

Theme: Werewolves and other Were-Animals–Therianthropy of all kinds, really–Skin-Walkers, Shape Shifters, Selkies, etc.


And I got through to the final round!

The final decision is due to be announced on 31st January. I will find out whether I am a runner up, have one or even two stories due to be published! It's all very exciting, and I am so happy to have been selected as a finalist!

Whatever the result - I will make the stories available on this website - the page is already set up. (If a story is selected for the publication then, unfortunately for now, I will not be able to publish it on here - but I will publish the others!) 

So, just to tempt you a little bit more - I have posted some very simple covers that I designed for the stories. You can see them here.

Take care. Until next month.

Melody xxx

Update - November / December 2013



Most of November and into December has been spent editing Sachael Dreams. One of my new contacts, who is also becoming a great friend, agreed to swap manuscripts with me. I read through her story, offering feedback and comments. She did the same for me - and made several valid points that I have taken on board. Certain parts have been changed, new scenes created. (Secretly, I think she likes Orontes more than anyone should - as most of the scenes that have been extended involve this rather formidable character.)

There are a few things happening that I hope to feed back to on sometime in the new year (If there is good news.) And regardless of whether the news is good or not for me - it's a win, win for anyone interested in my writing. More details next month.

I'm heading back to cut 'dead' words from Sachael Dreams before my writing buddy gets another look through it. And, just for her - here is my visual of Orontes!

Have a brilliant Christmas!

Until next  month

Love Melody

Update - October 2013


I thought I'd show you some of the other important characters in Sachael Dreams. 

This month - Kaimi.  



Sachael Dreams is still out there. Full manuscripts take a while to read and unfortunately, all I can do is wait.

I have made lots of new contacts in the writing world this last month, and the support that I have received from them is astounding. I view myself as very lucky to have people around me who believe in Sachael Dreams, and the 'Mine Series' as much as I do.

I set up a blog last month which I'm trying to update weekly. Some information will be repeated from here - but not all of it, so it may be worth a look. I tend to ramble more on there than here.


I have also set up a Pinterest account with lots of Sachael Dreams images. Take a look and see the visuals that are milling around my head when I write.


See you all again soon

 Melody xxx


Update - September 2013





I've just got back from Ravenscar. My friends and I had an amazing time. Ravenscar never ceases to deliver! The scenery is stunning, and each time I visit I uncover another secret walkway that has remained hidden from me on previous trips. This time we ventured down to the barn that is clearly visible from the top of Ravenscar. I had always imagined this building to be where Estelle lived, and the apprehension I felt as we approached it was crazy. I don't know what I expected - Estelle to walk out of the door?


We also braved the dizzy height of the cliff face at Ravenscar, and headed down the 600ft drop to the bottom. We were rewarded with the company of several seals and a fierce outgoing tide. The mermaids tables gradually uncovered themselves as we waited for the tide to show us their position, although our impatience left us with wet feet as surges of water caught us out many times!

Until next month

Melody xxx

Update - August 2013





This month saw the completion of the first draft of Sachael Desires, the second book in the series. So while I still wait to hear back from agents, and start to write the third book, I will begin to edit Sachael Desires.

I'm meeting some interesting people at the moment, and learning from their advice and experience in the world of publishing. September promises to be a great month as I will be spending another long weekend at Ravenscar. Last years stay was amazing, and I'm sure this year will be even better.

Progress Update - July 2013

I have a small treat for you this month - a review of Sachael Dreams. This review was written by a person who devours books, reviewing everything she reads. I was honoured that she took the time to read a draft copy of Sachael Dreams and provide me with the following:


Sachael Dreams is a novel that is woven with beautiful world building and great, likeable characters. Or really I should say creatures. 

Azariah, is  a Sachael, a creature that dwells in the oceans and comes up to the surface when the moon is full, and the tide far out, to get a glimpse of a human girl waiting on the shore. This is where his love, Estelle, is found. She has secrets that will soon unravel as the two characters get to know each other.


Adventure and trouble lie ahead for them, danger following slowly behind.


A shell and a necklace, along with dreams keep them connected in dark times. Secrets are learned and faith is tested with each page the reader passes.


This is a story of love, hope and magical creatures born from dreams and brought out on paper, flowing out into  beautiful words, words that will remain imprinted on you long after you reached that last page. 




Progress Update - June 2013







I have finished editing Sachael Dreams!

I am now busy preparing to send submissions to agents that I would like to be represented by.

I shall be back to Sachael Desires and the continuation of Estelle's story as soon as possible. The third, and fourth books need to be planned in more detail, but the surprises keep coming - right until the very end of the 'Mine' series.

Until next month

Melody xxx

Progress Update - May 2013



The image this month picks up on the events that have surrounded Azariah in the second book, 'Sachael Desires'. The progress of this second book has come on brilliantly. I am now heading into writing the last two chapters.

The final person editing 'Sachael Dreams' is having a big push to get it back to me by the end of June. I can't express how excited I am to think that it will be back in my hands very soon. There is still a lot to do with it when I get it back - but with the second book's first draft practically finished I will be able to concentrate fully on polishing 'Sachael Dreams' and getting it ready to send to agents.

Love Melody xxx

Progress Update - April 2013


 An Oceanid swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.




Another month rolls on and Sachael Dreams is still in the editing stage. It's with the last person who helps to make my words look pretty and tells me when I'm waffling! When I get the manuscript back it will be another busy month of polishing and editing for me, then I'll be submitting to potential agents. I have a list of several that I would like to represent me - I can only hope that Sachael Dreams is a story that they can't put down, and that my world of Sachaels becomes one that they can lose themselves in. (Obviously Azariah will hold their hand throughout all of this.)


While I am waiting for my edited manuscript to be returned I am still continuing with the second book, Sachael Desires, and planning out the third book in more detail. I am currently writing chapter 17 of Sachael Desires with a huge smile on my face having spent most of chapter 15 crying with Estelle.

I hope that you are all hanging in there with me. I know this is proving to be a long journey - particularly with getting Sachael Dreams out to you all - but I promise that I am determined to give you the very best I can. Thank you for your patience.

Until next month

Melody xxx

Progress Update - March 2013


I went back to Ravenscar this month. It was wonderful to soak up the atmosphere yet again. It was also strange to see it at a different time of year. Last time I was there the trees were green and the paths were overgrown. This time the trees looked bare - waiting for our British Spring time to arrive!

I'm becoming familiar with certain land marks, and getting used to climbing up the uneven paths. I also understand how Estelle fell in love with the peace and quiet that Ravenscar offers. It is a beautiful place.

Sachael Dreams is still in the editing stage. I intend to send the best possible manuscript to potential agents, and the editing stage is taking time - but time that I hope will be worth it.

Until next month

Love Melody xxx


Progress Update - February 2013




There is a so much going on at the moment that I have posted this a little bit later than normal - sorry.

I have been reading a whole host of books advising me on publishing. It really is a scary place! I've drafted a query letter, and a short synopsis (You want me to write a synopsis in under 500 words!) and my first three chapters are edited and nearly ready to go - I just need the other 19 finished before I start to send anything out.

The editing of Sachael Dreams is still continuing while I am busy writing Sachael Desires - the second book in the series. There is so much happening in this book, it's hitting Estelle and Azariah from all sides.

Until later

Melody xxx

Progress Update January 2013


The editing of Sachael Dreams is continuing, and the first 'Hard edit' is nearly complete. There will be a further two edits before my trusted friends will get a full manuscript in their hands.

While the edits are underway I have started to write the next book in the 'Mine' series - Sachael Desires. This second book continues with the story of Estelle and Azariah. There are other familiar characters making appearances as well, some more welcome than others, as we continue to find out more about Azariah and his world.

Until next month

Love Melody xxx


Progress Update December 2012




Where did December go?

Unfortunately, I didn't get Azariah in my Christmas stocking.

Amid all the Christmas celebrations, my laptop managed to die on me. Several fraught hours after I viewed the blue screen of death, I grabbed my husbands laptop and selected a new one which arrived the very next day.

Sachael Dreams is part way through it's first hard edit, and I am actually enjoying this stage more than I thought I would. It's making the story tighter, my characters stronger, and the situations feel like they are happening before your very eyes.

During December I also designed a book cover for Sachael Dreams. It pictures a Sachael walking towards the sea on the night of a full moon. I think it captures the feel of the book perfectly, and hopefully the silhouette hints at the appearance of the alluring, but rather mercenary, Sachaels.

Until next month

Melody xxx


Progress Update November 2012


November was the month that I finished chapter 22 and the first draft of Sachael Dreams was complete. There wasn't much time for a sigh of relief or even a cheer of celebration as I am now buried in the crazy world of editing!

While it feels incredible to think that I have managed to actually write a novel of just over 100,000 words, I know that there is still a lot to do. My word count needs to be cut, continuity throughout the chapters checked and repetitions taken out. I feel incredibly lucky to have a group of four friends who are now dragged even further into the world of Estelle and Azariah. Their patience and assistance in pulling Sachael Dreams together is nothing short of miraculous. They strongly believe in the story and characters, and are as excited about it as much as I am (Well maybe not quite as much.)

So while Sachael Dreams gathers strength from their combined efforts and my steady editing, I am also drafting the outline of the second book in the 'Mine' series, Sachael Desires'.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and I'll see you in the New Year!

Melody xxx

Progress Update October 2012



October was a time for pushing on to the climax of the book. Chapters 20, and  21 were written with an abundance of events taking place over this time.

I'm so excited about heading into November and writing the final chapter of Sachael Dreams,  but also sad that this journey is coming to an end.

But... as my good friends tell me, while editing Sachael Dreams I need to start writing the next book to let them know what will happen to Estelle and Azariah, and the other characters I've introduced them to.

Until November

Melody xxx


Progress Update September 2012

 I've had a truely inspiring month, completing chapters 16, 17,18 and 19.

A trip to the place where I have based the story has given me incredible visuals to work with, as well as two very sore feet from all the walking. Beach walking is wonderful - the climb back up the steep cliffs - not so much!

There are only three more chapters to write and then Sachael Dreams will be complete. My world will then become a frenzy of edits and rewrites.

See you at the end of October!


Progress Update August 2012


Chapter 15 is complete and I am currently half way through chapter 16.

September will be a busy writing month, and a very exciting month for research as I am visiting the place where I have set Sachael Dreams. I spent a day there during August and soaked up the atmosphere that twists and turns it's way through the story. A long weekend staying on the coastal retreat will undoubtedly be even more inspirational. And - just for the record, there happens to be a full moon whilst I am there!

Until next month

Melody xxx

Progress Update July 2012

After completing chapter 14 I took a slight break from writing future chapters of the story.

I edited earlier chapters, tightened them up and reworked parts that needed attention.

I also planned out the end of the book in more detail, so when I pick up my pen again (hopefully in the next week) I will be able to really deliver on the end chapters.

Wish me luck

Melody xxx

Progress Update June 2012


I had a great month for writing, managing to complete chapters 10, 11, 12 and 13.  It's a very exciting part of the book, so maybe that's why the writing seemed to flow.

I'm still wrapped up in the situation that Estelle had found herself in, and the knowledge of something that Azariah has told her.

Hopefully July will prove as productive as June.

Melody xxx

Progress Update May 2012



Chapters 8 and 9 are now complete, and I am 54% through my target word count. It's a great feeling to think that I am at least half way through.

Chapter 8 brought another character into the story - he's nearly as adorable as Azariah.

A lot happened in these two chapters and the pace is stepped up for chapter 9.

June will be busy. I'm aiming for three chapters this month. We'll just have to see how things go.

Melody xxx

Progress Update April 2012


I have just finished writing chapter 7 - so things are progressing nicely.

This was a lovely chapter to write - a true mix of emotions and fears, all rolled into one. So far, my favourite chapter of the book.

Melody xxx

Progress Update March 2012


Chapter 4 and 5 are complete!

I feel that the mystery surrounding the story is gradually building. Certain things are revealed in these chapters, but other questions are raised as well.

I hope the twists and turns will keep you interested.

Melody xxx

Progress Update March 2012


Chapters 2 and 3 are complete.

These chapters explain Estelle's background and her ties to her devoted father.

She also meets Azariah, although their first meeting is far from ideal.

Promises and memories are at the forefront of these chapters, with Estelle reminiscing on her childhood and what happened to her.

Scenes here set the pace of future events within the 'Mine' series.

Melody xxx

Progress Update February 2012




And we're off! 

After several months of planning and research - I have started to write Sachael Dreams.

The story of Estelle and Azariah is one that I have to tell. It will never go away.

Chapter one is shocking and bold. Set in the past it shows us how heartless the Sachael's can be.

Just pray that if ever you are on a beach when there is a full moon, that a Sachael doesn't come out of the water to talk to you. You may end up with more than you bargained for.

And on I go....

Melody xxx

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