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Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Ritual


Sachaels are creatures that are governed by the appearance of the full moon on earth and the seven moons in Saicean.


Newborn Sachaels are immediately taken away from their mother by their Sachael father and taken to their underwater world. They do not drown as their newborns sons are able to breath underwater but will not be 'full' Sachaels until they have completed a submergence under each of the seven moons in the underwater world.  They are born with the Sachael mark on their back which will gradually disappear if not taken immediately to a Sachael world.

The ritual involves speaking a mantra, "I jdvjjvjv vbjfbvubvu evb v " before sinking under the surface of the water. This is repeated seven times for a complete submergence ritual. Once the ritual has been completed under all seven of the underwater world moons the newborn/Sachael will become a full Sachael.

A full Sachael has the distinctive black circular mark on their back, and webbing between their fingers and toes when submerged in sea water. They also have the abilty to communicate telepathically with other full Sachaels when in the water.

Once a full Sachael it is only necessary to submerge once a month under one of the moons in their underwater world. The factor they belong to will determine which moon they submerge under. One moon is always reserved for the leader and his family - no other Sachael is allowed to submerge under that moon unless he is completing the full seven moon rituals to become a full Sachael.

A full Sachael will also display the bumping of their skin when aroused, or the spiking down their backs and along their arms if angry or threatened.

The mark that appears on their back is a 'family' mark. It is a mark that is individual to that family.


Full moon on earth rituals

When a full Sachael comes to land and there is a full moon, he must submerge and complete the ritual of seven submergences . As long as he keeps completing the submergences at the full moon he will remain a full Sachael.

If he misses a full moon submergence he will still be able to breathe under water, but not for as long, and he will therefore not be able to  swim to the depths of his world.  The mark on his back will start to fade and he will not be as strong.

He will become weaker at every full moon that he misses, and his ability to breathe under water will gradually deteriorate.

After seven missed full moons his ability to breathe under water will cease.

Once all seven are completed consecutively, he will be able to breath under water and return to the underwater world. To become a full Sachael he will also need to complete the submergences in his world. Only then is he classed as a full Sachael with the mark on his back, the webbing between his fingers and toes and the underwater telepathy.


Sachael children not taken back to a Sachael world:

~ The newborn's mark will gradually fade.

~ He will be a normal human, but usually have a love of the ocean and a calm and peaceful demeanour.

~ He will not be able to breathe under water until he has completed the full moon ritual seven times. AT that time he will be able to swim to one of the Sachael worlds.

~ If he misses one full moon during the build up of his seven submergences then for each full moon he missed he must submerge that amount of times as an addition. ( ie if he missed the third full moon submergences he would need to complete the remaining four plus the one he missed. If two full moons were missed he would need to complete the additional two on top of the remaining ones.)

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