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Today is cover reveal day for ADVERSITY, the second and final book in the Ascent Series. If you have already read INIQUITY then prepare to follow Athena's  bumpy journey in ADVERSITY, the final book in the series.

You can pre-order ADVERSITY HERE

AND you can grab your free copy of INIQUITY HERE (For a few days only - please check before 'buying')

Release date for ADVERSITY is the 24th March 2020

Here's the blurb:

Athena Harrow is on the run. Destined for a life she managed to evade, she flees with Erebus before his brother’s threat can prove true.

But within their newfound refuge, they discover secrets long held close in the historical city of York—a creature thought to have been wiped out when the demons ascended. A creature whose existence renews Athena’s determination to restore the light.

However, attacks by Erebus’s brother and his promised army shatters those plans. Faced with the responsibility for the loss of numerous innocent lives, Athena makes a choice. To protect those around her, she’ll surrender to the Master Demon’s dark world.

Life with the Master is intolerable, though, and conflicted Athena is not what he expected. With time against her, and the Master losing patience, will Athena find the Master’s secret to restoring the light? Will she manage to escape the Master and the fate she was chosen for on her twenty-first birthday? And will she be able to return to York to reunite with the man she loves?

Tumultuous and emotional, ADVERSITY is the gripping conclusion to this dark romantic fantasy.


Love is Everything was released on the 4th June, and Love is Intense - Elliot's story, will be released soon. Both books are the first in a brand new series that follows the female lead, Grace, and the male lead, Elliot as they stumble and grow through live together and apart,

This is the blurb for Love is Everything:

When film student Grace arrives at Edinburgh university, she wants nothing more than to concentrate on her studies. After taking a gap year, she’s ready to focus on her dream of becoming a film producer.

What she isn’t ready for is notorious playboy Elliot Sutherland. Infamous for his brooding good looks, his penchant for one-night stands, and as the lead singer in a local rock band, he’s the exact opposite of what Grace wants in a leading man. In fact, she’d be happy without a leading man, at all.

Elliot, however, has other ideas. And as the secrets hidden in his past start to be revealed, she’ll have to decide:

Are his film-star looks and charm worth the risk, when becoming just another notch on a bedpost is all she rightfully should expect?


I have some great news to announce. SACHAEL DISCOVERY will be released on the 19th June 2018.
The long awaited book three continues with Estelle's journey as she meets new friends and new enemies. I can't wait for you to read this book, it's full of more mystery, revelations, and even glimpses into Estelle's heritage. (You need to pay close attention to get this last part!)

My publishers are still offering the pre-order for the e-book at $0.99 - click here: SD3 pre-order offer
If you fancy a copy of the paperback then contact me directly.
I have a facebook party on release day, so if you fancy winning a prize or two then make sure you attend. (If you need an invite, message me on facebook and I'll add you) I have some great, exclusive prizes lined up, all of which I'll be shouting about before the party.

Here is a snippet from the first chapter:


I drew in a deep breath. Kaimi was on one side of me, Azariah on the other. Together, we stood on the edge of the lake, beneath the light of Sirius, the moon royalty completed their submergence under. The lake, plants, flowers, even the three of us, were all subtly lit in its deep red glow. This had been my sixth submergence under Sirius since I arrived in Saicean. And though I wasn’t royalty, I was often treated as such.

Azariah had recovered from his terrifying ordeal with Orontes—well, as far as I could tell. It had taken a lot longer than the initial seven submergences under the seven different moons for him to convalesce. I could still remember all too clearly the bruised and battered man we rescued. He had been blind, paralyzed, and physically assaulted while held captive by Orontes. There’d been many times I’d thought he would never fully recover. But Azariah was now as strong a Sachael as he’d ever been—physically, at least.

Sirius’s full moon coincided with the full moon on land. Michael would have completed his seventh submergence tonight, the twenty-fifth of February. I kept a close eye on the date and seasons back on land. I worried about Michael, and had counted the days until he was a land Sachael, ready to swim to Saicean and complete his transformation. I refused to think him dead. He would have survived—it’s what he’d always done.

As the son of Azariah’s eldest brother, Menelaus, Michael would be the next ruler of Saicean—something Kaimi didn’t like to be reminded of. He’d dismissed Michael’s existence, ridiculed the idea that he could ever travel to Saicean to rule. But I hoped one day, and one day soon, we would be able to travel to the Faroes to find him—I had promised him just that.

Our sad and sudden departure from the beach in the Shetlands was still fresh in my mind. Though the events that unfolded for me when I left that beach had taken over, I could still recall the fear on Michael’s face as the Sachael left to guard him took him into the water and, hopefully, to safety. Was it guilt that spurred me to think we should find him? Or was it the closeness we’d had? The shared experience of Orontes’s captivity?

I shuddered, wishing every thought of Orontes away from my mind. He was the reason war now raged between the Sachaels and the Oceanids. A war that Orontes and the Oceanids were slowly winning. The ocean wasn’t safe for any Sachael. Lives were being lost, men injured, and all because Orontes desired to rule the oceans that flowed outside our world. I often wondered what he’d do if he managed to kill us all. Would he be happy then, or would he continue to attack the other five Sachael worlds? Would he use the venom bullets that assisted him and his men to eradicate every Sachael, to drive us all into extinction?

He’d once shown me what the bullets did, how they worked. But back then, the bullets needed to be held next to the skin, a deadly but primitive way to deliver the venom into the victim. Now, he had guns, weapons that could shoot the bullets without ever having to approach the intended target. Speed was our main weapon now. Speed and stealth. With the angle of attack needing to be unseen, we relied now on the element of surprise. A face-to-face attack, one on one, was ridiculously one-sided. We lost skilled members of Kaimi’s army every day. The hunters that provided food for the whole of Saicean no longer returned on a regular basis. And Kaimi was unable to offer a solution to the attacks. It was frustrating for all of us, and worse still—it showed no sign of slowing, never mind stopping.

“Daydreaming again?” Kaimi said as he leaned into my line of sight. A smile pulled at one side of his lips.

I frowned, not appreciating his humor. “No. I’m too busy worrying about how we’re going to survive if Orontes doesn’t stop these attacks.”

“And you think I’m not worried?”

I narrowed my eyes. His smirk only intensified.

“I never said that,” I responded. “I know you’re worried. I know you’re trying to think of a solution to it all. But like I’ve said before, the only way this will stop is if Orontes himself is stopped.”

“So, you want him killed? My, what a different outlook you have now that you’ve lived with us for several months. The Estelle I first met was strong and fierce, but she would never want anyone dead.”

“She killed Melia only a few weeks after her arrival,” Azariah said, halting my reply.

Kaimi rubbed his nose and dipped his head. “That was to save your life. This is different.” He turned away before either Azariah or I could respond and headed toward the entrance to the royal household. His guards fell into step behind him, keeping up with his demanding pace.

Azariah raised his eyes skyward, and I sighed.

“This time, it’s to save everyone’s lives,” I muttered.

Azariah stepped toward me and kissed the side of my head. “You know these nights are not the time to question my father. He is renewed by his submergence, reminded of his power as the leader of Saicean. No argument or disagreement will be won against him tonight.”

I rested my head on Azariah’s shoulder as we looked out over the expanse of the lake, and tried to think of a solution to end the battles. Unfortunately, I could see no end to the deaths and injuries until the man who orchestrated the attacks was removed from the equation.

No Orontes meant no attacks.

No attacks meant no more deaths.

And stopping the deaths was the only way Saicean would survive.


At long last I can reveal the stunning cover for SACHAEL DISCOVERY, the third book in the Mine series. Release date for the long awaited third book is on 27th February 2018. You can pre-order the ebook through my publishers website for $0.99 - click here: SD3 pre-order offer

You can also get the first book in the series SACHAEL DREAMS free for a limited time only here: SD1 free

But if that isn't enough to tempt you, here is the blurb for the third book:

War has come to Saicean. With Orontes as King of the Oceanids, the threat to Saicean and its inhabitants has never been greater. The Oceanid army has laid siege to the underwater paradise, and Estelle Bailey once again finds herself trapped by Orontes’s hand. This time, within the walls of what should have been a safe place.

Tensions mount as supplies run short, and being the only female Sachael in a world dominated by desperate men leaves Estelle feeling vulnerable. Tired of having to live like a prisoner, even a well-treated one, Estelle decides to act. They need a weapon. And she can think of only one person who still has the means to kill Orontes and end the war—Michael.

With Azariah and Chanon in tow, Estelle flees their world, heading to the remote islands of the Faroes. But their mission to find Michael yields so much more than they expected. Faced with information that could change not only the war, but the course of all Sachael existence, the trio must make a choice: return to Saicean with Michael, or follow a lead that could change everything and pray they make it back in time to save their home.

Book Three of the Mine Series, Sachael Discovery layers new intrigues and betrayals into Estelle’s journey, escalating the stakes to levels as sweeping as the backdrop of beautiful locales.

PROMISE - a Christmas Novella

At long last I can post about my Christmas Novella which was released on 5th December. I had a lovely post ready for the release day, but for some infuriating reason, this website refused to publish it, and lost my repeated attempts to post it--four times!!!!

So, a little later than planned, here is the cover and blurb for PROMISE.

Charlotte Walker and Adam Middleton were childhood sweethearts until the day he and his family disappeared. All he left Charlotte was a scrappy piece of paper with a few throwaway words:


‘I’ll never forget you. I promise.’


After eight years of hoping he’d come back into her life, Charlotte can no longer bear the heartbreak of Adam’s broken promise. Retreating to a remote cabin to spend a quiet Christmas holiday alone, Charlotte is determined to push the ghost of Adam into the past and focus on moving forward with the rest of her life.

But when a bearded man knocks on the cabin door on Christmas Eve, could he hold the answer to Charlotte’s years of heartache?

Available on Amazon and in KU here are the links :if you fancy a warm and cosy Christmas read.

See you soon

Melody xxx



Summertime is always an interesting time in our house. The boys break up for a long summer holiday, and my dedicated writing time gets messed with. It's a hard to sit down and concentrate when they're around, but it's also lovely to get out and do things with them. The British weather, as many of you all know, is not the most reliable, but when the sun is out it more than makes up for it.

Writing wise, the development edits for Sachael Discovery landed on my desk, and boy, oh boy, have I had to make changes. But, I'm nearly sorted, and hope to have them back with my editor, Kisa Whipkey, by the end of August. Release day is still to be decided, but I know we are hopeful for a Spring release 2018.

Unfortunately, further writing of Adversity has had to stop whilst I sort Sachael Discovery, but I'll be heading straight back to it as soon as possible. The good news is that not only will I be finishing the second book in the series, but I'll be writing a short prequel. Want to know what happened when the demons ascended? Want to see it through Gran's eyes? It'll all happen in the prequel. My plan is to release the prequel a month before Adversity, but we shall see how things go.

I'll be attending an author signing at the Kala Sangam Art Centre in Bradford on Saturday 26th August along with other authors. There are workshops throughout the day and everything at the event is FREE. If you live anywhere nearby, then pop along and say hello. I'll be selling signed copies of all my books. This will be my last signing for this year, but if you can't make it, I have three signings next year; Leeds, Edinburgh, and Birmingham.

I'll see you soon.

Love Melody xx


Today marks the release of my first contemporary romance, Starshine. My nerves are shot, and I think I may need to drink copious amounts of alcohol to see me through the day. If you see tweets and facebook posts that don't make sense later on, then you know why--I'm completely and utterly drunk!

The live links for Starshine are here: Buy Starshine in UK Buy Starshine is USA

Here's the blurb if you want a reminder of what the book is about.

Film student Ella Summers can’t believe her luck when she is selected to work on the set of the most anticipated film release of the year—STARSHINE. For the next four weeks, she’ll be in the studio with heart-throb and leading man Alex Denton, and his co-star—and recent ex—the stunning Amy Strickland.

But her first day on set has her questioning the true character of the enigmatic and sexy Alex. The charming celebrity she’s adored on screen disappears before her very eyes—if indeed he ever really existed.

Off-camera arguments between Alex and Amy become difficult to ignore, and when Ella uncovers layers of deceit and closely guarded secrets between them, she becomes involved in a battle that has far-reaching implications.

With the paparazzi hounding her every move for the most sensational story they can get, Ella becomes deeply embroiled in Alex’s life. Can she break down his seemingly impenetrable walls, or will he remain the arrogant ass she first met?

STARSHINE is set in London, England. Beware though—Alex Denton has a crude mouth, and an equally wicked smile.




It gives me great pleasure to share my latest news. The secret 'project' I've been playing with for the past two years is nearly ready to share with the world.

STARSHINE is very different to the books I've previously published. It's gritty, raw, and has a male lead character that just doesn't 'do' nice.

Want to see the cover? Here you are . . .

Here's the blurb: 

Film student Ella Summers can’t believe her luck when she is selected to work on the set of the most anticipated film release of the year—STARSHINE. For the next four weeks, she’ll be in the studio with heart-throb and leading man Alex Denton, and his co-star—and recent ex—the stunning Amy Strickland.

But her first day on set has her questioning the true character of the enigmatic and sexy Alex. The charming celebrity she’s adored on screen disappears before her very eyes—if indeed he ever really existed.

Off-camera arguments between Alex and Amy become difficult to ignore, and when Ella uncovers layers of deceit and closely guarded secrets between them, she becomes involved in a battle that has far-reaching implications.

With the paparazzi hounding her every move for the most sensational story they can get, Ella becomes deeply embroiled in Alex’s life. Can she break down his seemingly impenetrable walls, or will he remain the arrogant ass she first met?

STARSHINE is set in London, England. Beware though—Alex Denton has a crude mouth, and an equally wicked smile.


STARSHINE is on Goodreads Goodreads link and will be released exclusively on Amazon on 29th May, but my British readers will be able to buy a paperback 2 WEEKS early if they are at the White Rose Author Event in York on the 13th May.

Link to tickets for the event which will see 60 authors from all over the UK (and some from other parts of the world) is here: White Rose Author Event Tickets I will be at the meet and greet drinking copious amounts of fizz if any of you fancy a tipsy chat!

Until later

Love Melody xxx

Two Years

On 24th February, one week away, it's been two years since I released by debut novel, Sachael Dreams. Can you believe it? I can't.

I never expected to be welcomed into the book world as warmly as I have. I've made friends all over the world, and met up with several fellow authors and also lots of readers. At times I feel like I'm living the dream--writing my words and people enjoying them!

There are lots of people who help me behind the scenes, who all play an important part in getting my books published. There are pre-readers, beta readers, editors, cover designers, formatters and those that generally just inspire me to keep writing. And that's what I intend to do.

2017 will hopefully see the release of two books from me. Sachael Delusions, the third book in the Mine series, is scheduled for release later this year. And Adversity, the second book in the Ascent series, will hopefully be available at the end of September.

But for now, let's concentrate on Sachael Dreams. To celebrate its two year anniversary I'm offering a very special prize for one winner, and 3 runner up prizes. All you have to do is let me know you want to be entered into the giveaway. You can do this by tweeting me @melodywinter using the hashtag #IwantotwinacopyofSachaelDreams or commenting on this post that will be repeated on facebook: Melody Winter Facebook

First prize: A signed copy of Sachael Dreams paperback, a mermaid jewelled bookmark, a set of limited edition character postcards.

Three runner-up prizes: An ebook (mobi, or epub) copy of Sachael Dreams.

I'll announce the winners at the beginning of March.

Melody xxx


Goodbye 2016 - Welcome 2017


At the end of each calendar year I like to sit back for a few minutes and contemplate what I’ve achieved in the last 12 months. I rarely set resolutions for the coming year, more a list on what I’d like to achieve both professionally and personally.

Firstly, looking back at my writing career. I took the plunge this year with my first venture into self-publishing, and published Iniquity. It went really well. I found new readers who I hope will stick with me for the second book in the series, and also cross over into the Mine series. (Sachael books) I made new friends, bloggers, writers and readers—many of whom sent me messages of support and encouragement. (as well as trying to find out what happens in the next book!)

Iniquity also saw me working with a new cover designer and editor. The both excelled themselves, and it was amazing to rekindle an editorial relationship with Katelyn Stark. We have a ‘writing’ history together which runs back several years. We’ve both grown a lot since the last time we worked together and it was an absolute joy to connect again.

I completed my first ever attempt at NaNoWriMo and won! I took the opportunity to start to write the second book in the Ascent Series, Adversity. At the end of Nano, I’d written 55k words. Will I ever do it again? Probably not. It was very stressful, and exhausting, BUT I made a great start on Adversity and know I wouldn’t be in the position I am with it now if I’d not done Nano.

I also completed my manuscript for Sachael Delusions (the third book in the Mine series) and handed it over to Reuts, my publishers for the series, in July 2016. A detailed outline of Sachael Destiny, the final book in the series, is complete and the first five chapters already written.

I also had my first official signing event in March 2016, in Leeds. It was a great opportunity to meet readers of my books as well as network and chat to other authors, particularly those whose books I’d read. I’m looking forward to 2017 and the two signings I have lined up for the year.


Secondly, my work/family/home balance. This was a testing time this year. Some of you may remember that the company I’d worked at for 14 years, closed its doors at the end of March. Even though all of us who worked there were given a decent redundancy package, it was a worrying time. I’d created a workable routine that satisfied all areas of my life. I worked my ‘day’ job on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I did the weekly shopping and cleaned the house etc on Thursday, and then concentrated on my writing on Friday (although the days and events got moved if necessary) I then had the weekend to concentrate on family time and general relaxing. Not having a job threw all of this in a spin. Yes, I had more time to write, but that time was taken up with looking for another job. Seriously, looking for a job IS a full-time job. My writing near enough dried up through April and May. My head was all over the place and I just couldn’t concentrate. Things eventually calmed down when I was successful at securing at job that mirrored the working week I’d had before. And by the end of summer I was trotting along and slipping back into my old routine.

Our 13 year old car died, literally, over the summertime, causing yet more issues. But when my new job was secured (and with some of the redundancy that I’d managed to not spend) we bought another car. It feels amazing to be driving a reliable and more modern car—I said that with my fingers crossed and touching wood!

My family have been a great support to me this year, cheering me on when things got too much, and reassuring me that things would work out. My two boys are still growing and continue to make hubs and me proud parents at every turn. With GCSE’s happening in June/July 2017 for my eldest, I think we need to brace ourselves for what’s to come!

So even though 2016 has thrown some wobblers my way, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s ending on a positive high with 2017 looking good.


Heading into 2017:

By the end of January, I’m aiming to have the first draft of Adversity finished, and by the end of February it should be ready to send to my trusted Beta’s. (Both may be pushed back if development edits come through from Reuts for Sachael Delusions, as this will become my priority)

I hope to have a September/October release for Adversity, and the way it looks now this will only be a two-book series, but we’ll see what my editor thinks when she gets her hands on the MS at the end of May.

The release of Sachael Delusions will happen sometime this year, although the date for its release is firmly in the hands of Reuts. As soon as I have any further news about this I’ll let you know. I also intend to finish writing Sachael Destiny and hand it over to Reuts before 2018.

If I have time I will continue writing my three book Contemporary romance series, ‘Love is . . .’, with the aim to release each book one month after the other when the time comes. Due to this schedule I’m aiming for a 2018 release on these at the earliest. (These will be self-published)

I also want to expand on a short story (10k words) that I wrote last year, turning it into a full length stand-alone novel called ‘Glow.’ I’ve yet to decide whether this will be self-published or not.

I’ll keep jotting notes down for ‘Memory’, an idea that is festering and growing.

I have two book signings in 2017. York on the 13th May, and Peterborough on the 7th October. I’ll start shouting about these nearer the time just in case you’re interested and fancy coming to see me, have a chat, have books signed etc etc.

Home wise, as I mentioned, my eldest sits his GCSE exams this year and so I may be walking on egg shells around June/July. My mum celebrates her 70th birthday this year and my mum and dad will reach 50 years of marriage – their Golden Wedding Anniversary. It’s going to be quite a year!

I joined a gym in July 2016 and intend to make the most of the membership this year, training three times a week to build up to running my first 5k run. It’s a target I set in my mind when I first joined, and I hope to be able to achieve it this year. Slow and steady—that’s me.

Whatever your plans are for 2017, I hope you enjoy health and happiness. Let’s all try and make 2017 our best year yet!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Melody xxx


The 25th October marks the release of INIQUITY, the first novel in The Ascent series.

I'm so excited to have this book out in the world. It's been a very personal journey due to choosing to self publish this series, but it's a journey that I'm more than ready to take again with the rest of the series. I would give you the names of the remaining two books in the series but I'm playing around with several possibilities and haven't decided which to use yet!




To celebrate the release of INIQUITY I'm giving away a signed paperback of INIQUITY and a hand made Iniquity bangle.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is sign up to my newsletter.

Click here: newsletter sign-up

If you're already signed up and want to enter then send me a quick email telling me you want to be entered into the giveaway fro the release day prize. Email:

I'll pick a winner on the 31st October 2016

If you haven't grabbed your kindle version of INIQUITY, get it today--the last day before the price goes up. (Please check price before purchase.) Link to Iniquity on amazon USA Link to Iniquity on Amazon UK

I'll email the winner for a postal address after the close of the competition, and I'll announce the winner on twitter and facebook.

Good luck

Melody xxx



The cover for Iniquity was revealed this week, and so was the video trailer. I want to thank everyone who retweeted, shared and liked the numerous posts that were around ALL day.


 The video trailer was also a success, giving people a further glimpse into Athena's world.

Don't forget, you can still pre-order Iniquity for a reduced price right up until release day on the 25th October.

amazon UK:    Link to Iniquity on amazon UK

amazon US:    Link to Iniquity on amazon US  

See you later

Melody xxx

Edits, edits, and more edits

The last month has seen me hiding in my editing cave yet again. This time for INIQUITY. 

I am pleased to say that INIQUITY will be released later this year. I'm aiming for the end of October 2016, but will confirm his date when I have a firmer idea about time scales.

Self publishing INIQUITY was always a consideration of mine, and to be honest, I had no idea whether to face the query trenches with it, seek out representation with Reuts or another small publisher, or go it alone. But after speaking to several people at the Leeds Author Signing, and after receiving detailed feedback for the manuscript from my three CP's, I've decided to self publish it. This could be the best decision I've ever made, or it could be an absolute nightmare. Only time will tell.

Holding my hand through the editing stage will be Katelyn Stark of Stark Contast Editing. I worked with Katelyn many years ago and am incredibly excited to be working with her again. We were a great partnership before, and I'm sure we will be this time whilst getting INIQUITY whipped into shape for release into the world.

I've also got an incredibly talented cover designer working with me to capture the theme of INIQUITY--her work has always impressed me and I'm very excited about what she'll come up with for this.

The 'Love is' trilogy has made progress, I'm 5 chapters into the first book, LOVE IS EVERYTHING, and have covers already sorted for all three books in the trilogy. Unfortunately I will have to sit on them for several months until I can reveal any of them. But they are STUNNING and capture the mood and tone of the books perfectly.

So, as Katelyn and I head into line editing INIQUITY, I will also be sorting out another pass on SACHAEL DELUSIONS, getting the next book in the MINE SERIES ready for Kisa at Reuts.

I also have a few dates for your calendar:

I have confirmed places at the Darker Side author signing in Peterborough next October, and the Edinburgh Author Signing Event in May 2018. There are a few others to be confirmed and I'll let you know about them once I have official notification of a place. To keep updated, check out my Events and Signings page. It'd be great if I could see you there :)

A Crazy Weekend

Last weekend I had the enormous pleasure of attending a signing event in Leeds organised by the lovely ladies at Hourglass Events. This was my first 'big' signing, keeping company with 60 other authors throughout the day.

I knew, before I went, that this weekend wasn't just about selling books. It was about meeting new people, readers, bloggers, authors, and chatting to as many people as possible to grow my network of friends and general contacts--and sell books.

And that's what happened.

I have made, what I hope to be, a few new and special friends, a handful of fellow authors. Two of them I knew from tweets and general talk on twitter, but they were not people I felt I could reach out to. After this weekend I know I can chat to Emma Adams and Carrie Elks whenever I want or need to, and I hope they feel the same about me. I also got talking to Hazel Robinson and Katie John, people I'd never met or even 'liked' on facebook or twitter. I'm confident we will stay in touch for a long time, and you never know, Katie's publishing company, Little Bird Publishing, may be a place I'll look to in the future. (that is if she'll have me!) Our evening consisted of us stumbling out of the Marriott hotel at about 7pm on Friday and proceeding to find somewhere to eat and carry on drinking. And it was in a tiny Italian restaurant that we got to know each other over a couple of glasses of wine and lot of general laughing.

Saturday was manic: 60 authors setting up in a room all at once made for a very busy atmosphere, but when the door opened at 10am everyone slipped into their nervous anticipated personas.

I loved the event, loved the people I met, and am looking forward to my next signing, which may, or may not be Manchester in August, later this year.

The hardest part of the 2 days away - lugging my suitcases, full of Melody Winter swag and books, onto and off the trains. And the steps in Leeds!!!! (Thanks to the nice kind men who offered to carry the suitcases down the steps, who ignored my warning of how heavy they were, and who subsequently will probably have dodgy backs of the rest of their lives!)

So, I'd like to thank everyone who came to see me on the day, to the readers and bloggers who stopped to chat, and to all the other authors who were a wonderful bunch. It was a fabulous event.

I also HAVE to thank my mum and Denise. My mum came with me on the train and helped with the luggage (what a superstar), and Denise was my assistant for the day--she was a diamond!

So, Emma, Carrie, Hazel, and Katie, be warned, you are now on my list of top writerly friends. I shall stalk you and your work for the foreseeable future. Leeds wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't met you all and Leeds ROCKED with you. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!


Melody xxx

Silence is Golden

Today, the 15th September, marks my coming out of the editing cave that I've hidden in for . . . ohhh . . . let's say, quite a few months. I've been shocking at keeping things up to date because I've wanted to give my readers the best I could with INIQUITY.
I've put myself under enormous pressure to get this book sorted because it's my first self-published adventure. I feel like I've got to get this right, every step of the way. I've already made a few mistakes, the first--not keeping this site up to date!

So, as an apology for my silence, I have decided to send out the prologue of INIQUITY, YES another prologue, to all subscribers of my mailing list/Newsletter. (If you're not on my list then please sign up here: Melody Winter Newsletter)

Things are busy in the lead up to the release, so I thought I'd list what's happening:

15th September: INIQUITY available to pre-order at a reduced price until release day when it will be at standard price.

amazon UK:    Link to Iniquity on amazon UK

amazon US:    Link to Iniquity on amazon US  

27th September: Iniquity cover reveal day

29th September: Iniquity video trailer revealed

Teasers posted throughout October.

25th October: Iniquity release day.

It would be great if you could join me on these days, and hopefully share in the craziness that will unfold. Grab you pre-order whilst you can, and I'll see you soon.

Melody xxx

Lilith's Letter

I was recently invited to take part in the love letter challenge by Em Shotwell. The challenge was to write a love letter from one of your characters to another. I thought about writing a letter from Azariah to Estelle, but decided to let you have a rare glimpse into Lilith's head.

This letter was written by 17 year old Lilith, alone, desperate and pining for the man she loved.

My Dear Kaimi
It’s been four months since I last saw you. Four months since our night together. I remember it well. There was a full moon, and it lit the beach in its shimmering glow as we walked hand in hand through the soft tumbling waves.

I miss you, I can’t tell you how much, because every time I think of you my heart breaks even more.
Where are you?
Why have you never come back since that night? Have you been hurt . . . killed even? I fear for you, for what the ocean could do.
My father refuses to believe you exist. He wants to move me away from Ravenscar. He’s ashamed of me, seventeen and pregnant. He blames each and every boy he sees for the situation I’m in. But you are the father of the child I’m carrying. You may be a man from the sea, but your child grows within me, and I know I will love him, or her, as much as I love you. And I still love you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, of the tender way you held me, of the softness in your voice as you whispered my name. It doesn’t matter that you’re not human, it doesn’t matter that you’re older than me. None of it matters. I just want you back.
Where are you?
Are you scared of my father? You didn’t seem scared of anything when we met. The month I knew you was the best month of my life. You made me feel alive in a way I’d never experienced before.
Do you still love me like you said you did? I still have the shell—the one you gave me. It’s on a cord, I made it into a necklace. I never remove it. Every night I go to sleep hoping that you’ll speak to me in my dreams, just like you always did. I have the shell, so why don’t you come? Why isn’t it working?
Our child grows within me. And I want you to know that when the baby’s born, I will never part with it. I will love it forever, and when it’s old enough I will tell it all about you. I hope the baby looks like you, I just know it will have striking blue eyes—just like yours. Our child is the most important thing in my life and always will be. But I need you to be here with me. I want you to see your child grow up.
Where are you?
I go to the beach every day. I wait for you. Every ripple in the water lifts my heart, only for it to come crashing down when there’s nothing there. The restless ocean teases me. But I wait. I’ll keep waiting.
I’ll always love you. Always. There will never, ever, be anyone else who I will love as much as you.
Please, come back,
Lil xxx


I'm not a person who makes endless New Year resolutions--they only tend to get broken and then the guilt takes over. So instead of setting hard and fast rules for myself, this year I've taken more time to look back at what I've achieved and what I'm going to try and achieve this year with my writing.

I had my debut novel published AND also the second book in the series. 2 BOOKS RELEASED IN 2015. I'm pretty chuffed about that. I did my first book signing and it went really well--I met lots of interesting people and had a great time chatting to everyone who came to say hello.

I also had two short stories accepted for an anthology Not-So-Local Legends of Triumph and Terror which will be published later this year.

I made several new 'writing' contacts as well as making lots of new friends along the way.

I also made a start on some new stories which I'm incredibly excited to get into the world for you all to read. These include:

INIQUITY - I'm working on an official blurb for this NA Dark Romantic Fantasy. If you like demons, and a world thrown into darkness, then you may want to keep your eyes open for this ones release.
It's still in its early stages, currently with its first CP, and then there's another CP and structural feedback from an editor before I decide exactly how I'm going to approach publishing it.

GLOW - Originally written as a short story for entry into an anthology, this NA Dark Romantic Fantasy is a mix-up of fairytale retellings. If you like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and maybe a little bit of Snow White, then this story may grab you. But be warned, it's certainly not to be read as a bedtime story.

I've also given a lot of thought to two stories I wrote several years ago. The story lines for both still really excite me, and I'm contemplating rewriting them for release - these will be self-published.
The first story is slightly different from what I normally write as it's NA Contemporary Romance. A college girl and a rockstar. Think you've read something like it before? Think again. This is one heck of a ride!

The second story is, one again, a NA Dark Romantic Fantasy. This one features Vampires. In fact it's the story that pushed me to write the Sachael books. I'm thinking on a new title for this, and unfortunately it may not get my attention this year as there is more than enough to do with everything else I'm already committed to.

I'm currently editing Sachael Delusions, the third book in the Mine Series, as well as pushing on with Iniquity. It's more than enough to concentrate on at the moment.

So, back to my books that are available and out there for you to read. Sachael Dreams, and Sachael Desires are available on ebook/kindle on Amazon and as signed paperbacks from me (email to start the ball rolling on cost and postage)

If you've read the books and want to chat to me about them, drop me a line--I'm usually easy to find hanging around on twitter or facebook.

Thank you for your support this year, and I hope you continue to keep in touch with me and what I'm doing.


Melody xxx



Sachael Desires is now available to the whole wide world. The second book in the Mine series was released slightly later than planned, but only by one day. It was a crazy weekend before release, not least for my editor, Kisa Whipkey. I think we both survived on a couple of hours sleep between us.

But it's here! And it's available for you to buy on amazon and from my publishers, Reuts Publications. The links are below if you want to get it delivered direct to your kindle. Publications:

 Also, between now and Friday 4th December, Sachael Dreams is FREE on kindle. The links are below. (Please check the price before you purchase.)   Amazon.comREUTS Publications:

And just to add to the general party atmosphere that's following me around at the moment, there is a giveaway running to celebrate the release of Sachael Desires. Fancy winning 12 e-books and a £20/$20 amazon gift voucher? Enter below. This runs until 24th December, so plenty of time.




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November Update

I have a feeling there may be many more updates throughout November but this first one brings about an air of excitement and general screaming from me.

The cover of Sachael Desires is out there in the big wide world, and isn't it gorgeous?

Here is the blurb for those of you eagerly anticipating the release:

During her ordeal with the Sect, Estelle Bailey dreamt of escaping back into the arms of the sea—and Azariah. But freedom came at a price, and though she’s back with the Sachael who’s stolen her heart, she’s also land-bound until the next full moon. And with the threat of Orontes looming ever larger behind them, Azariah, Estelle, and Michael—her once-captor turned rescuer and friend—are on the run.

Following Michael’s lead, they seek sanctuary amidst the natural beauty of the Orkney and Shetland Islands until Estelle can complete her next submergence ritual and Azariah can whisk her away to the safety of Saicean.
​ ​
Secrets, betrayals, and old enemies await them, though, and as events spiral out of control, Azariah makes a decision that puts all their lives at risk, forcing Estelle to face a journey she never wanted to take. With time running out and tempers running high, her only hope to save the man she loves lies in a reconciliation between two kingdoms who despise each other.

Book Two in the Mine Series, Sachael Desires further expands on the intricate underwater world of the Sachaels, and the hostility and isolation of not belonging.​

And as a sneak peek, here is the provisional wrap-around:

There is currently a giveaway on Goodreads for one lucky winner to win a signed copy of Sachael Desires and the full swag pack. This runs right until the day before release on the 24th November.

Here's the link if you want to enter: GOODREADS GIVEAWAY LINK FOR SACHAEL DESIRES

There's also a release 'day' party on the evening of 24th November  between 19:00 and 20:00 GMT. I'd love to see you there, have a drink with you and share the jolly atmosphere that we had for the release of Sachael Dreams. There will be giveaways throughout the evening and I'll be posting sneak peeks at the prizes up for grabs during now and the start of the party. If you want an invite just message me through twitter @melodywinter, or on facebook, or contact me through the form on this site. I'm easy to find.

Click on the link here for details: FACEBOOK RELEASE DAY PARTY FOR SACHAEL DESIRES

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with more news and further giveaways.

Melody xxx 

October Update

Things are getting slightly crazy here, but it's a nice kind of crazy!

Sachael Desires, the second book in the 'Mine' series is due to be released 5 weeks today! The cover reveal is next week, and seriously, this cover is AMAZING!!!!!!

I am planning a facebook party and would love to see some new faces pop up during the two/three hours of general drinking, laughing and hilarity. Invite a friend, have a party--I think a few of you did last time judging by some of the comments!

I'll also be selling signed books and swag packs, so if you would like one, please get in touch and I'll try to get them to you before Christmas.

In other news, I attended a book signing last weekend in Malton as part of the Ryedale Book Festival(last minute so didn't get the chance to let anyone know - sorry) I had a great time and met some lovely people. Unfortunately, I also ran out of books to sell!

And as soon as I returned from Malton I was on my way to Manchester to see my friend, Ben Montague, perform a date on his Runaway Tour. He made me cry when he dedicated 'Love like Stars' to me during the gig. He knows it fits Sachael Dreams perfectly. He now has a signed book in his hands and was very excited about reading it. (How many hugs???)

This month also saw me finishing the first draft of Iniquity, my New Adult, Dark, Romantic Fantasy. I already have a wonderful group of CP's and an incredibly excited development editor waiting to get their hands on this, but they will have to wait a little longer. Iniquity is now locked away so I can concentrate on Sachael Desires, and have a break from Athena and Erebus and all the other wonderful cast of characters waiting to meet you all.

I've recently made decisions about the characters in the Mine series and I'll be releasing 7 e-books connected to the series. Each one will feature a different character and a defining moment(s) in their life. See their side of the story, get in their heads, hear their thoughts. Again, more information on this will be given when I crawl out the other side of promoting Sachael Desires.

Speak to you soon, and pop back next week to see the cover of Sachael Desires!

Love Melody xxxx 


Autumn Update

Yes, the season has begun here in Yorkshire. The temperature has dropped several degrees and the mornings have that definite chill about them. I love this time of year once I get my body thermostat sorted. It's not cold enough for my thick jumpers, so the layering begins, One minutes too hot, the next too cold :)

Autumn signifies a couple of things for me. Firstly, my yearly trip to Ravenscar. Once again I'll be walking in Estelle's footsteps and immersing myself in the peace and tranquillity of this amazing place. And this year, I'll be treated to another full moon whilst I'm there. Maybe I'll look for a Sachael this time.

Secondly, the release of Sachael Desires, the second book in the Mine series is due for release in 2 months time, (November 2015) I'm busy sorting the 7 character postcards for this book, and also finding some teaser trailers so you can begin to experience the world Estelle has been thrown into. The book cover reveal will be next month, followed by lots of promo leading up to the books release. If you'd like to help spread the word in any way please contact me through the contact page and I'll get back to you.

Thirdly, the story I mentioned last time, Iniquity, is reaching it's final bulk of chapters which will see the first draft complete. This story has been my focus over the past few months and I need to lock it away to concentrate on SD2. But it shall be back and ready to go to my trusted CP's sometime in the new year.

And just to round everything up, I will be at a signing event next year--March 5th, 2016 in Leeds at the Marriott Hotel. There will be over 60 authors there and it is a ticket only event. If you fancy coming along to meet me or any of the other authors then please follow this link. Tickets for Leeds It'll be great to see you!

Where does the time go?

Like most people, I'm always juggling many things. For me it's work, family, home, and over the last few years, my writing. Now, it doesn't seem like a lot, and compared to other peoples lists it probably isn't, but when you have a story in your head, a nagging, insistent voice that refuses to shut up, there are not enough hours in a day to get those ideas written down when all the other parts of life are happening. THIS is how my life has been for the last few months. Not only that, I've been struggling with a few health issues as well and my energy completely upped and left me during the last month. I'm now feeling a lot better and the nagging voices are quietening down because I got that story written--well over half of it.

I always promised myself I wouldn't start to write another novel until I'd finished drafting the final book in the Mine Series, but as you can see from what I've written above, this plan was well and truly shot to pieces. The voices demanding I pay attention were ones from my planned 'next' novel, INIQUITY, a dark New Adult romantic fantasy. The first of a two book series called The Ascent Series) I've created a new page for INIQUITY and if you're interested in seeing a little more about it then you can read the first 100 words here: INIQUITY--first100 words.

My plan is to finish writing the first draft of INIQUITY and then head back into finishing the 4th book in the Mine Series, SACHAEL DESTINY. With amazing and exciting book cover ideas for SACHAEL DESIRES, the next book in the series released November 2015, coming through from REUTS it won't be long before I'm busy editing and planning for its release.

So, as I deal with 7 weeks of school holidays for my two boys, and no 'dedicated' writing time, please excuse me whilst I snatch an odd 5 minutes here and there to continue writing my words.

Until next time, take care - and I leave you with Erebus,

Love Melody xxx


It's all about reviews--or is it?

I've been very lucky to have several really nice reviews, from people who've read Sachael Dreams, posted across amazon and Goodreads. I've also had one or two reviews that didn't seem to 'get' Sachael Dreams. And you know what? That's fine. The majority of people reading it are enjoying it and that's what's important. Many people don't review, instead I get feedback. I've had feedback from friends of friends, people that don't know about me apart from my book, and e-mails from people I don't know telling me how much they enjoyed reading Estelle's story. And those little e-mails, those words of encouragement and even praise are worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears that came with writing and publishing Sachael Dreams.

But, reviews do matter. These days there is a lot of attention given to those shiny stars that readers chose to give to an authors crazy world or words. A few lines summing up 'what you loved and why' are all that's needed. It doesn't have to be a novel in its own right. Reviews are seen by other readers, they encourage them to either pick up the book, or not.  Reviews are seen by others in the industry ie publishers, agents, film industries, TV companies. And that's why you see so many authors asking for them. Reviews open up a world of possibilities and 'what ifs'.

Even though your words encourage me and make me smile as though I'd just been handed the biggest chocolate cake in the world, a review would be like the chocolate shavings on top of the whipped cream on top of the biggest chocolate cake in the world.

So, as an opportunity for all of you lovely people who are signed up as members of my site, I am offering you the chance to read and then review Sachael Dreams for FREE!

This offer is only available to members, so if you are interested, please drop me a line through the 'contact me' page, or contact me via email:

And just in case you wondered what exactly you were missing - here is a fabulous review with GIFs posted on Goodreads (and on amazon without gifs) provided by the lovely Ash!!!

Ash's Review
How I felt when I discovered Sachael Dreams, a NA novel featuring alluring angels of the oceans, masters of seduction:


I WANTED it. I've been DYING for a fresh underwater tale, one with better world building, better character development, better...just better than the watered down tales I've read lately. This book delivered on so many levels.

Sachael Dreams begins with a prologue featuring Lilith, a girl who is used, emotionally scarred, and abandoned by a Sachael. This scene alone evoked so many feels that when Estelle, the main character, is lured down the same path of seduction as the very unfortunate Lilith, I couldn't help but feel simultaneously on guard and curious. She's inexplicably drawn to Azariah as he is to her, or so he says, so there is a lot of this:


And this:


And this:


Actually, this is pretty much the first half of the book. So swoon, romance fans, swoon. Azariah and Estelle are pretty darn cute together. For me, it progressed a bit too quickly. I mean, the reason for such a quick and passionate reaction toward one another is explained, so I get it. There was just a little too much chuckling and smiling and petting and by "Azariah was my future," I was...


So what kept me reading?

I wanted to find out whether or not his affections were true. I NEEDED to know whether or not Estelle would wind up just like Lilith. I really liked Estelle as a character. I found her aversion to crowded places and passion for art particularly relatable. I loved reading the passages about her father's paintings and the vivid world he tried to capture on canvas.

I liked that Azariah was open and honest about how a Sachael usually treats human women, how they seduce and impregnate them only to return to steal their babies. While he's not my favorite character, he did win brownie points for his honesty.

Plus it helped that there were humorous little moments like this:

"[Azariah] was silent for a few moments before speaking. 'I have observed you for four months, at every full moon.'"
Estelle's response: "That's weird."

And this:

(Azariah and Estelle are about to perform the submergence ritual together. They are trying to keep from acting upon their desires under the full moon as Azariah is attempting to prove he doesn't want her just for coitus.)
"'Is here okay?' he asked, pulling me forward in the water so I was held in his arms.
'Perfect,' I replied, wrapping my legs around his thighs and pressing my lips to his for a quick kiss.
He raised his brow.'This will be easier to do if you do not trap me between your thighs,' he said, the twitch of a smile crossing his perfect features."

And...I knew Orontes was coming.


Orontes in a single quote: "I think he's the only person I've killed today."

I found myself feeling simultaneously excited and creeped out by this guy. He is a part of the Sect, a group hell bent on destroying as many Sachaels as possible, and he has a very special plan for Estelle, a plan she wants no part of. I flew through the second half of this kept reading snippets under my desk at work LOVED the second half of this book. The fiery side of Estelle was coaxed to the surface, bringing about witty banter like:

(Estelle to a man,who was involved in her kidnaping, when he offers to hang her father's painting in the room where she's being held prisoner.)

"Was he serious? I narrowed my eyes at him, pushing myself from the bed. 'You can stick that picture right up your--'"

Overall, Melody Winter has created a beautifully imaginative world, and I can only hope that in book 2, Estelle will actually get to travel to Saicean with Azariah, that we'll learn why/how she is what she is. Either way, there is one heck of a storm coming, and I'm looking forward to another fantastic read!


I'm Back!

Sorry for the radio silence lately. I've been in my editing cave with Sachael Desires. Some of you may have heard of editing caves, others may not. It's a place that you hide in, only coming out to feed, growl, and unfortunately interact with family members--and go to work. It's stressful, worrying, but oh, so rewarding. The end of my month shut away resulted in Sachael Desires being sent to my editor's *grabby hands*. It winged its way to her on Monday night, and now all I can do is wait.

Even though I could sit back and twiddle my thumbs waiting to see what I need to do next with Sachael Desires ie small edits, major edits, deletes, additions, structure change, pace change etc I have decided not to. I am now working on an anthology submission for World Weaver Press. The anthology is called 'Frozen Fairy Tales' and will focus on a fairy tale collection set in winter. I've had an idea simmering for this for a while, but had to put it away until I'd finished the round of edits on Sachael Desires. But now, oh yes . . . I'm writing again, and boy does it feel GREAT!!!!

I like editing, I love seeing my words getting stronger, my characters getting fleshed out more, but writing is my one true love. Within all the crazy surrounding the publication of a book and then its subsequent marketing, at times the writing gets forgotten. So I'm thoroughly enjoying this 10,000 word challenge.

After I've finished the anthology submission I'll be back to The Mine Series. Book four is well underway, and is where all the previous books will pull together. You will get all the answers . . . eventually.

Sachael Dreams is available for purchase as a e-book or paperback on Amazon and through Reuts Publications. I also have limited signed copies available--use the contact form if you are interested.

I'll leave you in the capable hands of Azariah and a teaser from Sachael Dreams.

Have a happy few weeks, and I'll speak to you soon,

Melody xxx

They Are Here!

I screamed, I laughed, I cried. All reactions to the arrival of my copies of SACHAEL DREAMS.

They are here! Lots and lots of beautiful books, all with the same cover, all full of the same words.

I'm hoping to get the first batch sent out later this week, so if you ordered any from me, expect an email in which I'll tell you the total cost including postage. If you ordered a book and you want to add other things to the order (the limited edition postcards, or the mermaid bookmark) please let me know: email

Signed books are available for £11.00 plus postage, but I have limited stock so first come, first served. All those that have placed an order with me will have their order honoured, but if you haven't, please let me know as soon as possible so as not to delay receiving your copy.

On a side note, Sachael Dreams has received some lovely reviews, check them out here: SACHAEL DREAMS REVIEWS


Paperback books of Sachael Dreams

Do you want to hold a copy of Sachael Dreams in your hands? Do you want an actual copy of this 530 page novel to adorn your bookshelves? Yes? Then your wait is nearly over.

This coming Tuesday, March 10th, will see the release of the paperback for Sachael Dreams. It will initially be available through Amazon and Reuts Publications website. I will be selling signed copies here on my website as soon as I get my delivery of the books.

I'll also be selling exclusive Sachael Dreams merchandise, including a limited seven pack of postcards, and handmade mermaid bookmarks.

Keep checking back for when these items become available.


Today see's the release of Sachael Dreams. It's an amazing feeling to see my book out there in the wide world! Only available in e-book initially at the following places, the paper-back will follow in a few weeks. link link

REUTS Publications link

When I started my journey into the writing world, I had no idea what to expect. I never knew I'd meet such wonderful supportive people, I never dreamed of landing a publishing deal with a company that nurtured and encouraged me like REUTS have. And I never considered how genuinely pleased and excited friends and family would prove to be.

It's been a long journey, and there's still a frighteningly long way to go until the series ends, but for now, I want to thank every single one of you for your interest and support in my writing world.

As a treat - here's a look at the stunning trailer that was created for Sachael Dreams by REUTS Publications.

Melody xxx 




How amazing is the book cover for Sachael Dreams? Ashley Ruggirello at REUTS Publications has created an amazing interpretation of my story. It sets the mood perfectly--dreamy, seductive and mysterious--all qualities I hope to convey to readers as they read.

Here's the blurb:

Twenty-two-year-old Estelle Bailey has had enough of busy city-life and her hot-tempered ex. She escapes to the seclusion and peace of her family’s cliff-top home in Ravenscar, where the soothing solitude whispers to her soul as strongly as the sea itself does. But her newfound contentment is interrupted when a mysterious man—a Sachael, master of seduction—joins her midnight swim unexpectedly.

Estelle struggles against his charm and the overpowering attraction she feels for him. He offers her a life she never could have imagined, a life beneath the waves . . . but at what cost? Before she can decide, she’s captured, ensnared by the Sect, a secret enemy of the Sachaels, becoming a pawn in a war she knew nothing about.

Now, she’s left with a new choice—escape the clutches of the Sect and flee into the ocean, or side with her alluring, intimidating captor and destroy the Sachaels forever. Can she turn her back on the man she might love, or will the secret of her heritage change everything?

Set against a picturesque backdrop, Sachael Dreams is the first in a new series, exploring themes of romance, love, and identity, and the struggle that happens when all three collide.


SACHAEL DREAMS is due to be released on 24th February 2015 and I will be holding a facebook party in the evening between 7-9pm GMT. There will be lots of chat and exclusive giveaways--invites will be going out soon and a link will be posted here, on my website and on twitter, so look out for it if you want to join in!

The release date for SACHAEL DREAMS is 24th February, 2015 and if you want to reserve a copy of SACHAEL DREAMS at a slightly discounted price then head over to the REUTS website where they are taking pre-orders for the ebook: SACHAELDREAMS PRE-ORDER

I'll be adding a store to this site over the next few weeks--filling it with Sachael Dreams goodies as well as signed paperback copies of the book when they become available.


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The Ascent series is a dark romantic fantasy. INIQUITY, is the first book in the series and ADVERSITY wraps up the series. A prequel, CALAMITY, is currently been written, due for release 2022.

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The 'Love is' series will be six books, three from the females point of view, and three from the males point of view. The first book in this series has recently been released, LOVE IS EVRYTHING. The male's story, LOVE IS INTENSE will be release in 2022.

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