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Ravenscar and the surrounding countryside

On a trip to Ravenscar last year I was accompanied by three friends. One of these friends, Denise, is a very keen photographer, and caught the spirit of the story perfectly in her photographs of the area. She has given me kind permission to publish her work on my site.

I hope the photographs give you an idea of the places written about in Sachael Dreams.

If you wish to use or purchase any of her photographs, please click on the link to go to Denise's website. Let her know that you found her work here!



View from the top of Ravenscar



The lane that I envisage leading to Estelle's home


The track down to Stoupe Beck 

Ravenscar - in the distance on top of the cliff, with Ravenhall (Peak Hall)  at the very top


A view up the coast from Boggle Hole


Another view from Boggle Hole


The view towards Ravenscar from Robin Hoods Bay


Eroded steps leading up from Robin Hoods Bay


A trail along the cliff top


Ravenscar 'beach' is a haven for seals. This is one we met.


The stunning rock formation of 'Mermaid Tables' at Ravenscar


The trail through the woods to Hayburn Wyke


Hayburn Wyke double waterfall on to the beach


Hayburn Wyke looking out over the North Sea


What I imagine that the gates to the head-quarters of the sect would look like

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