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Sachael Dreams Song List


Music has without doubt, inspired everything I write. There is a song for every emotion, every scene, every character. Sometimes the lyrics in the song guide my writing, and even dictate where the scene takes me. But the music doesn't have to be a song with lyrics, many times just a tune will resonate so deeply that it can't fail to inspire.
For me, music and writing work together. I need both of them. The Mine series was a wonderful opportunity to find music and tracks that fit with my ideal. And so, for those who would like to listen to the music that surrounded my while writing Estelle's journey, here they are:



Overall theme for Sachael Dreams: The Sea – Melanie C


Prologue: Dark Angel: My Heart is Broken – Evanescence


Chapter 1 – Estelle’s Promise: Only Time – Enya


Chapter 2 – First Dream: Open Up Your Mind (Let Me In) – The Real People


Chapter 3 – Recognition: You Found Me – Kelly Clarkson


Chapter 4 – Northern Star: Beautiful Mind – Melanie C


Chapter 5 – Anticipation: Anyone - Appleton


Chapter 6 – The Meeting: Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback


Chapter 7 - City Visit: Clone – Metric


Chapter 8 – Seduction: Trust – Christina Perri


Chapter 9 – Silence: Summer Rain – I Blame Coco


Chapter 10 – Elpis: Tune into my Heart – Little Boots


Chapter 11 – Missing: Down – Jason Walker


Chapter 12 – Storm: In My Arms - Plumb


Chapter 13 – Sunrise: Sleep Baby Sleep - The Broods


Chapter 14 – Sachaels: Run for your Life – Matt Cardle


Chapter 15 – Andromeda: Love like Stars – Ben Montague


Chapter 16 – Submergence: Watermark - Enya


Chapter 17 – Caught: Search and Destroy – 30STM


Chapter 18 – Suspicion: The Lonely – Christina Perri


Chapter 19 – Obsession: Uninvited – Freemasons ft Bailey Tzuke


Chapter 20 – Revelations: There’s Never a Forever Thing - a-Ha


Chapter 21 –  Mine: Silence - Delerium ft Sarah McLachlan


Chapter 22 – Admittance: Your Star – Evanescence


Chapter 23 – History Returns: Back Again - Parachute


Chapter 24 – Contact: Stay Awhile – Kim Wilde


Chapter 25 – Freedom: Be With You – Natalie Imbruglia


Chapter 26 – The Orkneys: Starlight - Muse



Happy listening.


Melody xxx

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