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Which team are you?

Which team are you?

Who is your favourite male character in the Mine Series?

In Sachael Dreams you can chose between Azariah, Michael, or Orontes.

Contact me to let me know, give me a sentence or two telling me why, and I'll add you to the relevant list - let's see which character is the most popular. The heart-throb, the boy next door (sort of), or the bad boy?

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I can't wait to see who has caught your attention!


Me!: I love him. He's always so polite. He's charming, attentive, and would risk his own life for the woman he loves. A fierce warrior, he will stop at nothing to help his comrades, and will fight for what he believes in.

Barbara R: I need a balance of nice boy and bad boy, and Azariah is that in just the right combination.

Kisa Whipkey: I think it's because he's sweet, and mysterious, and just a little bit tragic. Without giving away details, it's the heartbreaking scenes where we really get to see him as vulnerable and human that converted me. He loves so strongly, and would do anything for the people he loves. That strength and passion is what I find most appealing, whether it's in a moment of heartbreak and tragedy, or when he's protecting those he loves.

Clare D: I'll always be team Azariah. He's your proper dream man come to life. Attractive but a bit dangerous too.

Heather Van Fleet:

Nicole Tone:


Ann K: I’m Team Michael because I feel he has the most flaws. He’s not godly handsome or perfect. He’s human and real and stuck in a crappy job with a dictator-like boss guarding a lovely girl who’s innocent in all of this.

Kisa Whipkey: Because I 'lurv' him and wish he'd be locked in a room with me so I could listen to his accent all day?
Anne-marie: I trust him more than the others.
C.C. Dowling:


Summer Wier:  He's a smokin' hot bad boy who is just misunderstood. He's strong and driven (though his methods may be a little dirty). Somewhere under all that brawn, he has a soft spot that very few ever see. But mostly, it might have something to do with the fact that you pitched him to me as Chris Hemsworth before I'd even read about him! I can't find fault with that!

Denise Hall: I will have to choose Orontes - he is such a character with many twists and turns and gorgeous too. He's the bad boy that some of us hopeless women just cant help falling for.

Kathy Palm: For one: long blond hair... two: I've always been attracted to bad boys... three: tight black shirt and muscles.

Ashley Ruggirello: I'm a bad guy lover. Can't get enough. That's why when I watch shows like ALIAS, I root for (and love) Julian Sark (who, BTW, is who I envision as Liam in my book...). So much badness.

Candice S.: Gotta love a bad boy, every now and then.

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